Why Windows is better than Linux

The most important and essential question for numerous users about the World of Operating system is whether the Microsoft Operating systems can compete over the Open-Source Operating system with regards to its functionality or popularity. This could be a never-ending debate. Most of the open source advocates will talk endlessly about the Linux vs. Windows discussion why Windows is more superior to open-source operating systems. You can find the below-mentioned reasons why Windows is better than Linux operating system.
Reasons for why Windows is better than Linux
Variety of Distributions – You can’t find numerous flavors for Windows OS. However, there are different packages and plans with multiple prices, packaged features, activation period, and licensing terms. You can find various Linux distributions with different sets based on your requirements. It is much easier to install your preferred Linux distros from the available list. For example, you can find Linux distributions for extremely old computers, programmers, hackers, and also for everyone.
Drivers – With the followers of Mac OS, Windows OS will normally get the new set of drivers quickly. You should be lucky if you are able to find the drivers for Linux-based systems. The Linux community will assist to develop the open-source drivers for their respective Linux distros. However, they are lacking features or incomplete. Moreover, they do not have any official support for assistance to troubleshoot or guidance. However for regular home Windows users, they can just utilize a PC to overcome this situation.
Support – In case, if you are experiencing any issues or problems with the Windows operating system, there are numerous avenues to assist you. Microsoft will offer telephone support & live text chat support for the users to seek assistance from the experts to resolve the issues across the globe. If you are using a Linux operating system then they have only limited dedicated online forums and a few specialist companies. Most of them are not aware of the process uploaded in the forums.
Gamer Friendly – With compared to the general software, most of the users are more preferred to browse & locate major game titles through the Windows Operating system rather than Linux distributions. This is a similar reason like general software. Many game developers will profit more money by developing Windows-based games with high priority. Besides the games, Windows will support numerous gamer’s physical accessories that utilize to deliver the best gaming experience to the users. For example, the Logitech Company will launch its specialized software for multiple products only for Windows OS and will pass over entirely on Linux users.
Software – Windows operating system will have a larger market share and numerous developers are preferred to design software to support Windows OS first and then move on to the next operating systems for testing. Most of the top-rated big companies will produce the software for the Windows operating system. We all know that money is based on the market share and also the entire market share is dependent on Windows OS. There are numerous software or programs designed for Windows users and available across the online platform to create cool stuff on their PC such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, 7-Zip, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, and many more.

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