Why Windows 8 is better than Windows 10?

Task View
Task View will spread the entire running applications and processes across the multiple desktops, which assists the users to easily move or navigate between active applications or programs. In the Windows 8 operating system, you can utilize the Windows Store apps in full-screen with limited methods to organize your tools & application for allowing the users with quick access.
The Expose feature from OS X will seemingly combine the Task View with a more sophisticated version of its current Windows-tab option. Moreover, the Windows 10 operating system will provide the Snap Assist feature to fetch the preview of other windows applications on the screen. It is also much easier to choose the paired application for organizing the workspace.
Multiple Desktops
The world of multiple desktops feature is already implemented on both Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. However, till now Microsoft has declined the multiple desktops feature in its own desktop operating systems. In Windows 8 OS, the Start screen is introduced and confirmed the same by Windows Organizational strategy to focus much better on the single desktop management.
In Windows 10 OS, users can simply include or delete their open programs, desktop environments, and many more. From any screen, you can access this functionality and also from the Windows Store applications.
One OS for entire platforms
It is confusing with numerous Windows iterations such as Windows Phone, Windows RT, Windows 8, and Windows 7 operating systems. When compared with earlier versions, Windows 8 OS is much closer to Windows Phone & Windows RT versions to utilize numerous features like Live Tiles and also create cross-platform apps. They are separate operating systems and still require separate apps and programming to function properly. Instead of creating a separate operating system for classic mouse & keyboard controls and touch controls, Microsoft has decided to focus by building a user experience to useful & satisfy across entire platforms.
Windows 10 operating system will not work or appear in a similar way of your Windows 8 or Windows Phone OS on your desktop. However, it showcases the same shared applications and functionalities. The quick shortcuts are provided with big buttons and anyone can easily access the same on their Windows device using the touchscreen. The Windows 10 OS will just a response to any environment or device you can use it with.
In the Windows 8 operating system, the forefront will display simple choices and big icons. The Start screen will allow the users to easily resize and arrange the live tiles, ease to use, and increase their functionality. The tile UI and classic desktop are no longer with Windows 10 distinct interfaces. Instead, both elements are highly configurable and present. The Start menu is now integrated with Live tiles rather than own interface with launch programs or quick information. The Application can be moved or pinned to your menu for easy navigation or access.
Windows Store
The Windows Store will include numerous useful applications that are specially designed only for the Start screen of Windows 8 OS. However, those features are left out in Windows 10 OS. Microsoft is focusing more to establish the Windows Store as an essential tool to utilize by each user. It brings the Windows 8 OS functionality to be used by everyone who misses the same in Windows 10 OS.

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