Why Whatsapp is better than a messenger

In the current scenario, millions of people are often using texting apps on their devices for various purposes. Well, some of the people will use such apps for personal things and on the other side; people who run the business are made using it to get clients and customers. If you are having a look at WhatsApp, a massive number of users are handling them across the globe. At the same time, it is easy for people to access with simple user-interface. So, without spending a single penny, you can share texts, media files and more in a simple way.

When it comes to comparison, most of the people will claim that Whatsapp is considered to be the best one with a messenger. Yes, it will offer privacy than you expected. Usually, most of them who all are using Whatsapp may feel that when it comes to sharing the images, one can easily share it unlike messenger. With lots of privacy settings available in messenger, most of them will also feel difficult to handle after a certain level of the stage. At the same time, without saving the recipients number on your phone, even your profile picture will not display to them.

Easy to delete sent messages

When compared to send messages, you can easily delete them as well in Whatsapp. Usually, people who send the messages to recipients unknowingly, then without allowing them to see, you can delete it quickly. Once deleted, then it is not going to show the texts or files you sent to him/her. If you check at this feature, then you will not be going to experience on messenger for sure. It is the main reason where millions of people are excited to access Whatsapp on their devices.

Experience the simple user-interface

Whenever the people are interested in handling the applications on their devices, then they will be mainly looking for simple user-interface. With the support of UI, one can easily get a chance to know about the app in a quick time. Well, this thing you will be going to experience on your Whatsapp for sure. When compared to messenger, the user may feel easy to experience it. However, if you have a look at messenger, the user may feel bit confused despite having various features hidden in it. At the end of the day, people will always prefer for the simple one.

Share any media files 

When it comes to sharing the media files, people don’t feel difficulties while handling the WhatsApp. If you plan to share the files in messenger, then it works only depend on the devices you use. It is also one of the main reasons why WhatsApp is better than the messenger while handling the media files.

Wrapping up

At the end of the day, people who all are struggling to choose the right apps for better communication, then you can have a look at the above discussion and go ahead with the specific app to download on your device for smooth service.

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