Why Netflix is better than Amazon prime?

Every individual has its own importance comparing these two dear prime apps own lots of appreciation. IT does not matter whether you are using it for the fest time or have not used it yet. What matters can you difference between best and better? Well both of the apps are great in its own way but it is your right to pick ‘The best’ for themselves.

Here is some obvious reason why Netflix is the best than Amazon that you should be aware of it before using Netflix.

Membership – Price factor does not make much difference. It is quite similar when it comes to money. That is why sometimes people get confused with the choices but it is already giving best and best choice by giving the choice.

Freshness in video – While watching any series on the Netflix one must get always something new. It becomes tough for many to maintain this feature but that is why it is number one when it comes about these features. It always surprises with its superb contents and that is why no one gets bore here. The hard work of the Netflix is what catches the heart of people.

Quality – Quality matters a lot whether it is you or anyone would be using the app. That quality can be found here on the Netflix. Netflix is sort of platform where what is promised is given. They work with integrity and they work for the people. Once you take membership of it then you can watch unlimited movies, series or anything. Netflix is famous for web series because it is what it makes.

Device support – Of course the way Netflix is working is big level so it works accordingly. It supports all sort of devices toady almost all the youth has the membership of Netflix. Whether you are wishing to see on your laptop, it is there or whether you want to watch it on phone Netflix is there.
Content – In the matter of content no one can beat Netflix. It has no competition as it is already said Netflix works for the people and with people. It is man of its words that is why it has series such as house of cards, stranger things, and the umbrella academy and game of Thrones. So you must have understood what sort of content it has. Toady no one has content like Netflix has!

User experience and quality – The price is considerable, the content is unbeatable and device is supportive what else you can ask for? Well, raise your standards with Netflix because it says you can ask more. The experience matters a lot and along with the Netflix it is offering the perfect sort of experience. Many people complain about audio issues or video issues but Netflix contents are available in HD quality. No one can beat when comes to its feature because audio is audible pretty well. Everything is so good and perfect here that anyone can see its hard work.

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