Which is better VPN? NordVPN or ExpressVPN?

VPN is an acronym being used for Virtual Private Network. It is an assurance to the security
of your PC and smartphones. As the list of ongoing online scams is being raised each day, it
has become quite necessary to secure your device with a suitable VPN service. A VPN
service creates a mask on the IP address of the users and hence keeps it safe from prying
eyes. It not only saves your device from unauthorized access but also offers you the
freedom of accessing data from some restricted websites also.
NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the two leading names in the VPN industry that have gained
huge popularity in a very short time. It gets quite difficult for a user to distinguish between
these two bigger VPN names as both perfectly take care of the device and do not charge so
much as well. If you are about to choose NordVPN and ExpressVPN and are finding task little
bit tricky at this moment, here we are going to provide an honest comparison between the
Speed: As per the survey being conducted on the speed of both of these VPN services,
ExpressVPN is a clear champion here with higher accessing speed. Where ExpressVPN has
reached the speed of a maximum of 150 Mbps, NordVPN has checked out the speed of
about 80 Mbps in various countries only.
Reliable: ExpressVPN is considered to be more reliable than that of NordVPN services. Yet
services of NordVPN have improved a lot till now still it is lagging somewhere than
ExpressVPN in the list. Connections of ExpressVPN are also supposed to be more stable and
faster and the app is not ever supposed to be crashed or frozen. Moreover, it also provides
more data security than that of the NordVPN service.
Additional features: The best way to create a successful comparison is to check out the
main features being involved here. ExpressVPN provides support for Smart TVs and gaming
systems and also includes Obfuscation features. It is one of the most secure and self-hosted
DNS that runs all servers in RAM disk mode. Whereas, if we talk about NordVPN, you can
enjoy features like Obfuscation, onion over VPN servers, P2P servers and double VPN
servers also.
Connections made: NordVPN grabs the trophy here and offers support to multiple devices.
Where NordVPN offers you the facility of establishing a connection over more than 6
devices, ExpressVPN serves the services for 5 only.
Security: ExpressVPN is supposed to be a more secure option than that of NordVPN. No
data leakage has been reported yet and is supposed to block all the traffic if VPN connection
Lagging: When it comes to NordVPN and ExpressVPN, they both are best in this case as does
not cause any lagging issues over there. Users can easily access both without having any
issues over there.

If we talk about overall comparison, ExpressVPN is supposed to be a clear champion here. If
you are about to choose a VPN service to secure your Internet access, ExpressVPN is surely a
great option for you.

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