Top Anime Movies to watch

Anime movies are one of the best and most popular breathtaking spectacles across the film industry. The particular or specific attention to its detail or even with the combination of romance, action, drama, and other various genres will make you redirect to watch or steam art form movies. Numerous famous directors have delighted audiences for multiple decades with their artwork.
Best Anime Movies
Find below a few lists of best Anime movies that you need to watch in your lifetime:
Spirited Away
Spirited Away is one of the best Anime movies to watch with its height of craft. It is enhanced with advancements in terms of animation technology however; they can’t overpower the most famous anime movie “Alice in Wonderland” with imaginative scenarios and strange creatures. Miyazaki, a young girl who lost herself in a bathhouse in search of spirits, interacting with the fantastical creatures of assortment, and tempts her to rescue her parents.
She still needs to explore numerous themes such as mortality, technology, nature, and humanity for playing with them as a memorable story and excellent with natural progression. Spirited Away is considered to be the best anime movie with the medium carry of its weight.
Ghost in the Shell
Masamune Shirow from Oshii’s adaption of seminal graphic novel movies that showcase the enigmatic and most influential anime films ever created. It is definitely one of the best plots armored with a team of police officers and also handled by Major Motoko Kusanangoi to kill the most mysterious hacker named as the Puppet Master. However, Ghost in the Shell movie is more concerned with philosophical ramifications and exploration of transhumanist themes.
It can provide the best varieties of narrative payoffs. This strange anime movie will run for brisk 82 minutes with a package of world-class building and various information included in it. There are also stunning action sequences that are captivating for watching this anime movie over decades.
Princess Mononoke
Princess Mononoke is one of the most critically-acclaimed anime movies from famous director Hiyao Miyazaki and also from Ghibli Studio. This is an attractive movie that weaves numerous tentacled boars vs. man demon spirit, himself vs. man, man vs. man, nature vs. showcasing man, and numerous points of view. It is an epic-scale adventure & impressive, jolly & lighthearted, foreboding and dark for one moment.
Unfortunately, you can’t find any more Ghibli Studio films available on the online platform for streaming. It is mandatory to rent or purchase a new copy to watch this Princess Mononoke Anime movie. This is one of the best anime movies you need to watch in your lifetime.
Barefoot Gen
The tragedies of Nagasaki & Hiroshima will bring the entire new perspectives on the destructive power across the globe. This movie played a vital role in Japan to define the new generation that started to grow under its shadow. The narration of this movie starts that a 6-year old boy had lost his entire family members during the nuclear blast. It is highly autobiographical and the film will explore the true values of resilience and as well as resistance that impacted the child to play a part in this film.


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