Mind reading games to play online 

Amazing collection of games has started giving hopes for the best possible way of entertainment. Nowadays, games has become great source of time pass and while playing these games it will engage your mind. When you will download these games, you will be surprised to see that the games are able in reading your mind.
Reading your mind – The app let you known about the numbers and photos which come up into your mind. It has ability of telling numbers from 1 to 63 and then the secret of the mind will be open to you. During playing this game, you will have to answer in yes or no, then game will even tell you birth dates of your friends.
Akinator – Akinator is even one of world’s largest and most popular games. If anyone looking for mind reader game for androids and online the Akinator is a wonderful choice. Rules of the game are that, if you would think about any character or person, the app would help you in knowing that. By answering some answers, the genie in the game, will let you know about whom you were thinking. The person can be your family member or even your favourite celebrity or like that. Highlight of the game is that, it is able in knowing about your thoughts that is how you can know who is on your mind 24/7. Whole game is very much interesting and this even let you see different looks like a disco man or a cow- boy. You can check the potential of genie and even pass on challenge just see what has to offer you. Worth trying this game!
Magic reading trick – Best thing with this game is its trick as it is quiet entertaining. While playing the game, it will also teach users to read minds even. Basically the app would not just read your mind but also teach you how to do that. It is that simple and that easy with this app. The other good deal which this app can offer to all is, it is available absolutely free.
The flash mind reader – By the way, the game is about reading mind, which means it would tell you what is going on in your mind. Game is full of fun, as this one can be tried out with the magic crystal ball, and this even guesses the symbol on which your mind is focused. It would easily tell and that is absolutely fun, play for free.
Final words
Games are full of fun activity and this is absolutely fun what is going on in the mind. Is it not amazing reading won mind differently? Here, the only thing which would happen is the app would let you know what is going on into your mind. On the other hand, the games are free of cost and played online. So it would just take some moments to switch on to your net and play the game.

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