Is it illegal to stream videos or any content from the Sketchy websites?

Nowadays, the movie-streaming landscape will increase the consumers to get affordable on-demand video content and publish numerous sketchy video through the entertainment platforms which might be legal or illegal. Last week, we found that 2 programmers are implored guilty to offer various illegal streaming websites when compared to Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. The officials informed that those illicit platforms were also utilized by multiple paid subscribers as well. As of now, the big media companies and the federal agencies are tracking the person who is publishing the streaming rings.

It is more complicated for the viewers to watch the pirated video or bootlegged videos through the internet. As per the U.S Copyright office, Downloading or Torrenting the copyrighted video content without proper permission is illegal and more serious crime. In case if you are caught for illegally watching or streaming the online videos then you need to pay a fine amount of more than $750, informed Matt Huppertz, the Criminal defense attorney. If you are clever to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, it will not even protect you a lot.

Federal agencies are still able to track you down with the help of the computer’s IP address. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can provide the appropriate device information that you utilized to access illegal streaming and as well as your exact location. Streaming the copyrighted video content is a violation and also unauthorized to share the streamed content to other users. You can get jail time or fines for watching the pirated content, illegal, and perhaps malicious software & viruses.

FTC (Federal Trade Commission) will warn the users for utilizing the illegal streaming apps to steal your money, stealing your bank account or login credentials, and other information from the dark web. Global Online Piracy is one of the multi-billion dollar industries, affiliated nu the U.S Chamber of Commerce and also by GIPC (Global Innovation Policy Center). As per the June month report, the U.S. Economy lost its total revenue of $30 billion each year for accessing digital piracy.

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