How to watch Amazon prime videos on TV?

Getting busy with daily schedules? Then feel relaxed with some interesting and exclusive prime videos. Amazon now is bringing down best ways to watch the Amazon prime videos on TV. The Amazon prime is one of the popular subscription services from Amazon that is serving with free membership for those who bears free shipping on many products in the store. The subscription includes a lot more than just shipping. You can get a slew of discounts, streaming music, streaming videos and many more.
It’s Amazon investing fortunes in the original TV contents and bears an exclusive platform so that you need a subscription to access them.
Amazon prime video and its price
With the TV programming, the price content is clearly marked. This is Amazon originals which is the name of a good number of series that are made by Amazon itself. Added to that is the localized exclusives like Vikings and Mr. Robot which are screened on the TV across states but are first available to prime members in the UK.
One can either gain access to prime video through Amazon prime membership that costs around $ 119 per year or $ 12.99 monthly. For new users 30 days trail of Amazon prime is also available.
Watching Amazon prime videos on TV
The best way to watch Amazon prime on TV is by getting a TV and that must be the right one. The smart TV’s have released in the last three or four years and now they are available with Amazon Prime video app pre installed. For that one just need to sign in with the Amazon account and can get ready to watch your favorite shows and movies. There are varieties of smart TV’s available on stores. These are like Samsung, Sony, LG and many more. Some of the other companies that provide such services are like Toshiba and insignia that comes with Amazon fire TV built in. but the most important thing is if you buy a new smart TV. If the app is not pre installed then it will definitely display that on featured apps list.
How to get Amazon prime video on smart TV
There are various ways to get Amazon prime on smart TV, these are hereby:-
Samsung smart TV
First press the smart hub.
Then button on the remote.
Select Samsung apps.
Select prime video.
LG smart TV
Press the My Apps.
Button on the remote and select the prime video from the app luncher.
Sony smart TV
Press the home button on the remote.
Open featured apps.
Select prime video
Other than that there are few things that one must consider before indulging on new television, like the screen resolution. You can also enjoy 4K ultra HD contents on prime video, while 4K TV’s are now getting cheaper. You can surely and definitely save a lot on the money that is going for a full HD TV.
Receiving gaming console
If you already bear a gaming console or planning to get one, then you don’t need anything else for enjoying Amazon prime on your TV. The prime video app is available on Sony play station 3, play station 4 and play station 4 Pro.

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