How to install whatsapp in PC

Whatsapp can be easily used on desktop without any browser. For installing it you can access whatsapp websites from different computer’s browser and then download it forms the apple app store or the Microsoft store. This can also be installed into the system if you follow on operating system like windows 8.1 or macOS 10.10.
Installing whatsapp on PC
This is a step by step process for how to install whatsapp on pc.
Download thin blue stacks app player
To use this for downloading whatspp in PC or laptop you need to install android emulator which is called the blue stacks app player. For this you will get two versions of blue stacks app players. The normal blue stacks app player and the thin blue stacks app players. The normal blue stacks app player downloading is troublesome. For that you can directly download and install thin blue stacks app player.
Install the thin blue stacks app player
While installing makes sure that the installation drive bears more than 2 GB free space. Else you will be getting an error. But if you get any kind of graphics or drivers related warning message then ignore it and select OK. After installation you are going to get link screen shot where you will have a link below. Then select “messaging” icon and select whatsapp.
Download whatsapp on PC
Click the whatsapp icon to start downloading whatsapp in PC. Now wait unlit the download gets completed.
Installing whatspp on PC
After downloading the one from the following you will see the installed status below whatsapp and now click whatsapp icon to open the whatsapp messenger app.
Configuring whatsapp in PC
After it opens on PC you are going to see the screen like below click “agree and continue”. As soon as you enter the mobile number, whatsapp will send you a verification code confirming that you are the legitimate owner of the mobile number. Then enter the verification code to continue further. Sometimes it may take long time to receive the verification code. In that case you can use the call function to know the verification code.
Key details of whatsapp that you download on PC
To download whatsapp on PC you can have a look to various updates here.
You can message with friends and family without using phone.
The following was last updated on 7/25/19.
There have been 2 updates within the past 6 months.
The following is also available on android.
Best parts
This is free to use and doesn’t include ads. Serves with secured end to end communication for which you need to open whisper systems signal protocol. Well, whatsapp that by default encrypts messages end to end. For some other encrypted messenger apps. You need to actively choose to chat using end to end encryption. Next, the windows version of whatsapp uses your phone to authorize your account. During the setup, you will be promoted to use the QR scanner either in your phone or computer for chatting, with everything synced between the devices. Whatsapp also uses mobile phone number to identify you are your contacts.

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