How to add Bluetooth to PC

Now having Bluetooth in your PC or any device is one of common thing. But still sometimes in some cases things are possible that people might have trouble in having Bluetooth in their device. Here you can know how to add Bluetooth to the PC.
Confirm at first hand
The very first thing which you will have to do this to confirm that whether your computer has Bluetooth or not! If possible double check your computer so that it will not create any confusion while going through nay process.
Add Bluetooth
When this will be confirmed that your pc does not have nay Bluetooth then you can add Bluetooth. It is very less time taken. Here is the step of it –
Step 1
Now when you are conformed about absence of Bluetooth make sure about you have USB port.
Step 2
Step will say you to install Bluetooth dongle. Now it does matter on which window you are going to install it 8 or 10, the process of doing it will be simple. When the Broadcom Bluetooth will be able to recognize the new device! It means it is giving permission to it for installing. By downloading the Bluetooth drivers from Kinvio (it is a manufacturer of the dongle) or from the Broadcom (manufacturer of the real Bluetooth radio inside the device).
Step 3
Once you install the dongle you will be able in inspiring the device. When you will insert the dongle, the Bluetooth icon will appear in your PC system. You will have to right click the icon and choose ‘Add a Bluetooth device’ from the context menu.
If you own window 8 or 10 then in your system Bluetooth will be down. One needs to just hit the ‘pair’ option. This will connect your device with others.
For windows 7
On windows 7 the screen will change and it will look different but still it is very easy. So you just have to pair up the Bluetooth with yours.

Other ways
Find a Bluetooth Adapter
The other solution for this is that buy a Bluetooth adapter for your PC. This is one the easiest way of having Bluetooth. It is freeing you with many rituals of connecting step by step. So now just by connecting adaptor you will be able to connect without opening your laptop or system. On the other hand, you will not need to install Bluetooth card or anything such that way.
This Bluetooth dongle employs the USB; they help in connecting from the outside of your computer through an open USB port. The best part about all these is that they very cheap, compact, very easy to use just the way very easy to buy. You can buy that from Amazon or Newegg etc.
Final words
These were some solutions to the problem and now anyone can solve it easily. You have all sorts of solution and now you have to decide which will be of your comfort zone.

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