How to access Instagram on PC

Some people feel difficult to use the Instagram in their mobile phones since they could not upload their videos, photos in their Instagram accounts to access their products or brand for business. Sometimes they have to edit the photos in Photoshop effects for this purpose they feel inconvenient to use in their mobile phones.

And now the Instagram can be accessible even on PC it is one of the convenient version where you can download the premium tool to receive various tricks and tips for using the Instagram application. Here in this content let us see in detail how to access the Instagram application on PC

Just visit to the official Instagram website that is available in your Windows store for downloading to personal computer.
This particular application is designed with different mobile features and here you can use to download and upload videos, photos and also you can edit by using different filter combinations and with also by using multiple clips in one particular video by using these features you can post the Instagram stories to get popularized.
Accessing Instagram is a different experience here you can discover lot of new things and also you can follow many new accounts which will have a different feel. Sometimes Windows 10 may not support some of the features in which you will not have the ability to capture and download, upload, videos and photos.
And now just visit the windows store to download Instagram application.
Just click the option to download, after downloading the process just click to install the product in your PC.
And then after installing the Instagram just login by accessing your user id and password.
Here if you need to take any photos, suppose if you need to upload or download any photos. Just click the + button that is available in the camera roll page and if you right click the Instagram icon in the taskbar you will have the option to choose the different varieties and now you can open the camera roll to upload the photo.
Suppose if you don’t have the camera roll folder in your library you can just create a new different folder name and you can place your own favorite pictures in those folder.
And now you can move the image wherever you need and also you can upload into the camera roll folder and then just select your own particular photo and click next to the upper side of the window.
Afterwards you can choose your own favorite photo, crop it to use filter options and then click next to adjust the photos and also you can add some photo descriptions. It is one of the different feel of adding photo descriptions in which you can tag your people, locations and also you can share the videos to other social media applications.
Operating Instagram without mobile phone is very easy since only in personal computers you can edit and upload photos easily by using various adjustments with editing tools.

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