How to access Hotstar in the USA

Hotstar is one of the most popular and best Indian streaming services, which allows the users to
stream or watch the latest news, sports, movies, and Indian TV shows. This service will provide
the users to create a premium account of the U.S. the U.K, Canada, and the Indian countries.
With numerous customers, it includes a wide range of libraries with western and Indian shows.
However, Hotstar can be used for free only in India region and the users in Canada, the U.K, and
the USA region needs to utilize the premium subscription. People from other regions across the
globe are requested to use a Hotstar VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to avoid
premium subscriptions or to bypass the geo-restrictions.
Reason to block Hotstar access
Hotstar is one of the best Indian on-demand video services that allow the user to stream or
watch live sports streaming, TV shows, and best Bollywood movies. Hotstar access is geo-
restricted outside of the India region. Even though if you are an Indian and residing in Australia,
Saudi Arabia, UAE, Canada, USA, UK, or any other parts across the globe, it is not possible to
access Hotstar service.
These geo-restrictions are implemented by Hotstar Company due to licensing agreements and
as well as copyright violations. However, there are numerous methods to unblock Hotstar
access outside of the India region. You can connect using the VPN (Virtual Private Network)
connection to bypass the geo-restrictions and allow Hotstar access on your iPhone, Android,
Mac, or PC.
Unblock Hotstar access using VPN Connection
If you are residing outside of the India region and tried to access Hotstar service then you will
receive an error message “This service is currently not available within your region”. Hotstar
server will identify your current geographical location by using your device’s IP address. The IP
address will be assigned to your device by the respective ISP (Internet Service Provider) to
reveal your current location. Hence, it is advisable to replace or change the IP address.
It is much easier to change the IP address (using the Indian one) by connecting your device
using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. This is one of the best methods to access
Hotstar by gaining within an Indian IP address. Follow the below-provided instructions to
connect through a VPN connection:
 You need to choose the appropriate VPN service provider that includes the Indian

 Next, it is advisable to download the VPN application and install the same on your
appropriate device.
 Once it is done, launch the VPN application and connect to any one of the available
Indian VPN servers.
 Your device will receive an Indian IP address.
 Now, access the Hotstar application or visit the Hotstar website.
 It is possible to stream or watch any video or audio content on Hotstar.
 Even SonyLiv, StarSports, and other regional-based Indian channels will be available
for streaming.

Unblock Hotstar access using a Smart DNS Connection
The alternative method to access Hotstar with the help of a Smart DSN proxy. It is much faster
when compared to the VPN connection since; it does not include any encryption process.
Regardless of security, you can use the Smart DNS connection to bypass the geographical
restrictions and allow access to Hotstar by routing to the appropriate geo-location servers. The
Smart DNS proxy method will assist you to watch Hotstar service outside of the India region.
Follow the below-provided steps to unlock Hotstar access with the help of a Smart DNS
 Choose the best Smart DNS service provider and register for an account.
 Then log in to your account.
 Input the DNS IP address provided by your Smart DNS service provider on your
supported or compatible device.
 Now, access the Hotstar’s official website.
 Access an unlimited number of Hotstar’s content on your device.

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