Best Upcoming Action games for PC 2020

There are numerous incredible PC action games that are going to launch in the next couple of
months. Your gaming passion can be changed by the highly hyped gems to upcoming triple-A
games. The users can play the various PC action games on any platform of their choices and as
well as include them under their wishlist.
These types of new action games may include updates such as co-op masterpieces, shooters,
favorite RPGs, and ray-tracing capabilities with bleeding-edge titles. You can find below a few
lists of best upcoming PC action games 2020 for your reference.
List of Best Upcoming PC action games 2020
Wasteland 3

The game will start in your hands with the fate of Arizona which is referred to as Wasteland 3.
As a Desert Ranger, you need to find against the losing battle and safeguard your Arizona alive.
Fight on your way with the help of hostile wilderness, need to create new bases, train their new
recruits, and also safeguard the surroundings. It is going to be a tough and hard fight against
the enemies.
The land is entirely split by cutthroat gangs, crazed cultists, warring factions, corruption, and
many more. Wasteland 3 is one of the best squad-based games and need to play only in
multiplayer mode (Single-player mode is not allowed). You can customize the available 6
Rangers based on your personal game style with tweaked perks to form a squad. The game
pressure is to secure and safeguard your Arizona homeland.
Gods & Monsters
Gods & Monsters is one of the new PC games combined with a team to fight against the
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. You need to safeguard the Greek gods by solving numerous
adventure puzzle games and also battle against the deadly foes through your journey. The
storybook adventure about the creators of the main Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to showcase the
forgotten hero, who tried to save and secure the Greek Gods.
The mythologies of dangerous creatures are taken over to on-board during the journey to the
Blessed Isle. It is time to prove the most legendary heroism by leading the team to face the
deadliest monster named Typhon in entire mythology with a one-to-one session. You can
explore the various amazing and beautiful fantasy world while awaiting the heroic feats,
mysterious dungeons, and tricky puzzles. The journey can be rewarding and challenging to
reach the final destination.

Biomutant is another open-world PC action RPG to perform a total blast. This game will be
fantastic and allow us to play with little characters with stunning gameplay, graphics, and even
to remind us about the Rocket from Galaxy’s Guardian. Biomutant game will allow the players
to form the mutant group with weapons, bionics, and powers to personalize their characters as
a villain or hero.
Within your hands, you can decide the fate of this fantastic world. The new trailer of this game
will show the hilarious combat moves, massive villains, and a harsh landscape. The game waits
with adventure, weaponry, and wealth of puzzles.
Treasure Royale – Out of Reach
In case if you prefer to play the modern Royale Battle games that lack with seafaring
shenanigans, swashbuckling, and rum then you need to choose the Treasure Royale Out of
Reach game as a perfect one. There are numerous pirate crews that need to fight against them
across the jungle islands, open oceans, and many more. It’s a pirate game and you can find
plenty of rum, ship battles, and treasure throughout the game.
Phoenix Point
Phoenix Point is one of the best upcoming strategy and tactical combat games that was
developed from X-COM. This game has a real multi-faceted monster with world-based strategy
layers, big boss battles, realistic ballistic simulation, and weird-looking aliens. X-COM’s spiritual
successor of Phoenix Point, UFO defense will impress the fans. The rich storyline will include
both animals & humans in the world that are mutated by numerous monsters. An
extraterrestrial virus will be landing on our earth to take control.

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