Best text messaging apps for android 

Message is one of important thing for everyone and today’s message has captured largest part of the social media. You message almost everywhere and so the need of it is also necessary. Instagram, Telegram, whatsapp, Snap chat everywhere is message, offline or online! List of best messaging apps mentioned below would be helpful for you.

Chom SMS – This chom SMS falls into the category of an old classic with bets features. Though with time the app has evolved and the additions brought good changes into lives. The eye catching feature of this app is Pop- up, blocking; Wear OS Support and even bunch of themes. This app is free along with some of few optional in-app purchases.

Facebook Messenger – Facebook is one of very popular social media where people get connected with their friend circle socially. Now a- days this platform has become reason of worries and tension but it is one of trusted way to send messages via internet. To send message from this app you need to download the app which is totally free. Here, you can socialize and even have chat along with your friends.

Mood messenger – Mood messenger is one of the new members in the list of messaging app. Although, this app does not have so many features but this is one of such app whatever it is giving. This will give with full commitment. With the help of SMS you can message via mood messenger and the best part about it is that it is absolutely free.

Pulse SMS – Those who might be looking for such an app which will help them in texting with ease the pulse SMS is one of them. What is best about this app is that it let users use their phone number and text from the PC or tablet (whatever device they own). Although whenever it comes to message, all the messaging apps look alike. Now what makes pulse SMS unique is its freedom of messaging.

Textra SMS – You may not have heard about it but this is one of very famous SMS app and this is one of good reason. The other good part about this app is that it is absolutely free and this is going to be free for lifetime. The customization option offers a lot of service by having the companionship of it.

Android messages – Everyone wants to have best messaging app because the use of such apps are very much frequent. The app has other features such as clean, very easy to use and its RCS compliant.
Final words

These apps are individual with its feature but they all offer something precious. And of course, it is one of very necessary thing to keep useful apps on the phone, while going to office we need it. While coming home we need it, while shopping, watching movie even we need it. Life becomes easy and simple with the help of such apps. Go ahead use it once and share with your friends.

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