Best Strategy Games to Download for Android

Do you love to play strategy games on your android devices? Are you excited to know about the best strategy games? If yes; this guide is going to lead you towards the best strategy games to download for android. A strategy game is a perfect combination of tactical, logistical and strategical measures where you have to take on every step very carefully. You need to be quite enough to know about the situational steps to be taken and need to have great autonomous decisions. Your skills and decision-making capability should be quite enough so that you could plan everything very accurately. So, get ready for the challenges and enjoy the best five strategy games being mentioned below:
XCOM is one of the leading online turn-based strategy games that have won the place in millions of phones worldwide. You will play here the role of commander where you will enjoy the movement of your troops and can unblock the new abilities out there. It is one of the finest online strategy games that will offer you the freedom of a realistic tactical combat system. You just have to keep updated yourself with the latest weapons so that you can guard yourself perfectly against the aliens.
Clash Royale
If you are looking for the best online strategy games; that offers you real-time multiplayer experience that you will surely never had before. You can now easily enjoy the real war room experience and fight against various online players while sitting at the comfort of your home. Users are free here to unlock the various combat units. You just have to defeat your opponents in the game to collect various cards. The interface is quite simple and easy to use and one can easily create a battle community to beat up your enemies.
Card Thief
If you are willing to expect a unique strategy game; Card Thief is the one you must need to try your hands on. The gameplay is a perfect combination of strategy and card games where you can easily show your skills to beat up your enemies. You just have to move around the game to avoid detection. Users will be provided with various equipment, stealth points and much more and that will help you in accomplishing the different levels and winning the gameplay.
King Crusher
It is one of another finest strategy gameplay options that bring up the feeling of freshness to the gamers. The game is a range of RPG tropes where you have to build up your team, upgrade powers, and can take on quests also. It is a battle game that will include a tiny rid where you have to react quickly on the danger and have to unleash the team’s powers perfectly.
Dawns of Titans
It is another one of the finest strategy games on the list that brings up higher graphics and addictive gameplay to play on. The gameplay is a perfect combination of empire-building simulation where you have to play on real-time tactical battles to beat up your enemies.

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