Best puzzle games for android

Today Games have replaced outdoors games and things have changed since then. Puzzle games are sort of simple game which let players exercise their mind. This game has been started with viral game such as 2048 but with time this developed gradually. In the news Papers too, puzzles are there. So on, the puzzle games can be found very easily on the platform of android. They are not tricky to get lost into that rather they give you chance to change.
Here is the list full of puzzles for android which will be helpful for all the seekers. Once you started those games, you will be starting to find something interesting than expected for sure. Even most of the people are searching for some of the best games to download under the category of puzzles at any time. Hope the below listed games will be helpful for you.
Amanita design puzzle games
It is one of publisher on the Google Play with the three very excellent puzzle games. Amanita design puzzle game is one of fun puzzle, a distinctive art style along with plain game mechanics. This game is all about wandering for searching clues and solutions of that puzzle.
Faraway 3: arctic escape
This is one another puzzle which has already won the heart of people because of its feature. There is a diversity of the puzzle very equal to console game such as The Witness. There are many boards and they need to be solved (it is very interesting to do). On the other hand its 18 stages make it more interesting because every stage has diversity of puzzles within it.
Life is strange and life is strange: Before the storm
The game truly justifies with its name and there is something very strange in its puzzle drama game. While playing this game one may even replay many moments in her life that is quite of interesting thing about the game. Here, in the game graphic and mechanics are too entertaining.
The Eyes of Ara is one another very interesting game which has its own kind of individuality. This game can be played in a 3D world along with beautiful and amazing graphics that adds another side to the game. There are players who endeavour to explore a world just by searching for the clues. By moving forward in the game you may just unlock secrets and collect the tale from the snippets.
This game has its own consequences and advantages but those who loves playing the game. They would find this a different one. Puzzle game has various sorts of game that is why it gives a better choice and option. Games are likely to lighten the mood and it brings so many changes in the way game has been introduced. Every game has different way to play you can enjoy your time here but only thing which is similar here is the ‘searching’. In all the games of Puzzle there is this thing common.

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