Best parental control apps

Children are more addicted to techniques rather than anything else. They have gone more digital with the advanced technology than any generations. These technologies are related to computers, televisions, tablets and smart phones. So it’s the responsibility of every parent to keep their kids safe. So here come some of the best parental control apps which are worthy enough offering ways to limit time spent on devices, track usage and locations. Also, it will help with blocking apps or games. Simply saying parental control app is dependent on application that you choose to use. There is great number of features designed by professionals who would block unusual and unnecessary things in the device. Some of such devices contain geo-fencing features that permit to set up grids in which the app is going to alert if your child will enter this space.
Best of parental control apps
Net nanny
This is considered as an overall best parental control app which is also great for iOS. looking forward to its advantages are like great design, excellent quality web filters, near parity between android, iOS versions, no call or text monitoring but it’s a little bit expensive. The net nanny can track your kid’s location; display their location history and set time allowances as well as schedules equally on both platforms. This would let you block several dozen apps on kid’s phones. And the android would let you block them all.
This is one of the best free parental control apps provided for iPhone and android. The one is a recent newcomer to the parental control market but is also one of the powerful service providers. Looking to its features; it bears real- time GPS location tracking and custom geo- fencing services. Secondly it bears remote access to browser history and internet usage with setting web filter any time. Blocks access to applications as you need and look into daily phone activity like explicit content and suspicious photos detection. Also, it helps with tracking and detecting dangerous contents on SMS. This also permits parents to receive dangerous signals of suspicious images and prevents things that are unusual for kids.
Spyzie parental control app
This is one of the most popular parental control app which emphasizes on clean interface that’ easy for any parent to pick up and use it straightly. Added to that, the following range to provide advanced powerful monitoring features that will also have an access to comprehensive report system. Features are advanced with power of tracking all calls and SMS messages, monitoring and restricting screen time. Monitoring all social media activity and provides real time GPS location tracking with panic button. This automatically blocks inappropriate online material. The following supports windows/Mac OS/Android/ iOS/kindle and nook.
Kaspersky safe kids
This is the true leader when you are thinking of digital monitoring services as well as the safe kid’s version. The following is designed with features that would keep kids safe in real time as well when the device is in use. The features are best with real time location tracking at any time. You can see all the device usage times and add custom device blocks with automatic and custom internet material blocks.
Conclusion                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            These are real time and best parental control apps which are declared safe for kids of all age. They can use the technology today to make best utilization.

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