Best new apps for android

Life without mobile is unimaginable but life without apps is unacceptable. Today, in the phones of people the apps will be found in good numbers. But smart are those who know exactly what to keep into their phones rather than just keeping everything into their phones. Those whoever might be looking for good apps this post will be helpful to them. This is an era where working is not only enough, working smartly is important.
YouTube – YouTube is one of popular apps for showing video. Here, on this platform people may find out all sorts of video and on the other hand. This platform has become one of good source for making career. With the help of app one may post on any content, the only deal is that content should be authentic. If you have that you will have a good career here, the other good part about this app is that people can even earn from this platform.
Google Map – This app is not just helpful from the purpose of using amp properly but this will keep you safe. Not everyone has its own vehicle so when they will have map, even travelling with stranger becomes easy. Public transport sometimes is not safe during nights but this app is giving a way.
WPS office – This app is one of forever app for those who are constant working. Even if anyone is not working still then WPS office will help them and this is comfortable with PowerPoint, PDF, spreadsheets, memo, docs, excel and Microsoft word. Students may take good advantage of this app.
Social media – social media is also an important part of our personal and social life. So you can download so many apps from Google Play store such as Whatsapp, Instagram or twitter and so on. These apps are useful if you want to connect with your friends and family or want to share about your whereabouts through posts and status.
Shopping apps – Many apps falls under the category of shopping but there are two apps which are more famous in this category i.e., Amazon and flip kart. They are also useful for those how might be looking a way to shop just by sitting at home.
Google assistant – Time is turning into much modernity and since modern era has started off. Many additions to the life of people have become one of common thing. Goggle assistant is there in your phone or any other device to give you quick answers and let you explore more and more things. It will keep you update with everything.
Final words
This is very important to keep some basic apps and then these new additions for the convenience. Every individual app has its own kind of importance. They may all be found at Google play store. They are easily available in good quality to solve very little issues. There is more some app which is equally important and deserves to be in the phone of everyone such as Google Pay!

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