Best movie streaming apps for iOS device

There are a lot of things available for the iOS devices, these are like the TV show apps and movie apps which permits to enjoy every moment. With this you don’t really need to get the latest theater release and can find classis shows on your device. These can be goodie public domain flicks, older documentaries, independent and international movies and a lot more. Here come some magical movie streaming apps for the iOS devices.
Movie box
This is the iOS version of the show box which is also one of the best iPhone movie apps. It’s safe and easy and flexible to use. Mind-blowing thing about this is its free. Using this you can access to one of the biggest collection of TV streaming and there are a lot of free movies. But this is not officially available on the app store.
Popcorn flix                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This is one of the free movie streaming apps for the iOS devices. You don’t need to go to theatre if you are watching movie on this. Popcorn flix provides access to unlimited movies without any subscription charges. One best thing about it is, you don’t have to log in and create an account, just can arrange the list of movies that you want to enjoy and watch them later on the device. You can also share movies on face book and twitter if you are interested for that. This holds numerous genres with just a click of the button with no additional charges. This app is making a bang by including all full length feature movies that too of HD quality options. Other than movies this also includes documentaries and foreign movies.

Show box for iOS
This is quite a popular and free movie app for the iOS platform. The app includes wide range of TV shows, soap operas and free movies. This is advantageous of it that you can select a good number of movies as well as search and download them to watch them offline without active internet connectivity. The app is compatible with the iOS devices with regular updates.
Tubi TV
This enables with watching movies and TV shows without any subscription charges. You can also watch a broad range of streaming video contents. The app is offering with content based subjective like that of not available on Netflix. The app provides access to Oscar award winning films and TV shows across 40 genres like that of action, drama, comedy, horror and many more. But this app bears videos with commercial advertisements which will offset the monthly subscription charges. Using this you can create your own video queue which includes the ability to watch content from latest watched positions. This makes possibility to sync between the devices. The app is most compatible with iOS 9.3 and above.
This is supported by numerous ads that hamper your movie viewing experience. The movies that are relatively recent don’t stay for long time. They are available for just limited time after which they are no longer available and are replaced by other movies. The apps are free and host a wide range of classic movies.

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