Best live video chat apps for Android

In olden days video calling facility was not available only very few of the application was
supported but nowadays it is very easy and you can possibly do it in your smart mobile phones,
computers and even in tablets. In this trendy generation live video chat is very popular and it is
attractively widespread with multiple options you can privately chat with your family, friends
without any disturbances. Here let us discuss some of the best live video chat applications for
Google duo
Google duo is one of the very popular and essential applications that are designed with very
simple video chat process. Here you can easily login to this application it’s simply you add
multiple features which is very suitable for Android and IOS devices. It is one of the very easiest
application for video calling and it is really very user friendly and good to purchase with
attractive stickers and smiley’s.
Face book messenger
It is also one of the most popular applications that are available in the planet. Most of the
people use Face book messenger for video calling which gives you a very good experience and it
is also very easier to use. This product is very convenient and you can easily join to this new
platform with exciting features.
Just talk is also one of the easier video chat applications with pretty decent look. You can easily
purchase this Doodle application in which you can create more fun for the proceedings. It is the
application that is designed with encrypted features, group chats, support for Cross platform
and also you can do alternative Google duo calls with the help of primary feature. You can
completely download this application for free and use it in an easier way and you have plenty of
application themes for personalization.
It is one of the most popular online platforms that are available from earlier days and here you
can use this application even in PC. You can easily match this application to the Android

platform with exciting features since free text messages and video applications are done in an
easier way since it is integrated with Microsoft and Face book account.
WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging application in which billion of users are using
now. Here you can do both text services and also video call chatting as it is in Face book. Video
calling features is designed with plenty of attractive themes which works very well and there
will be no issues in this application it works in a stable condition. It is a very good and best
application people can try it.
It is the famous video chat application with plenty of features. You can easily match to a single
or a group chat which will be very easy for media sharing process and gives you extra
advantages. This product is very popular service for Mobile gaming and it is very standard
application like WhatsApp, Google duo and Skype with colorful features.

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