Best Gaming Laptops 2020

A Gaming laptop is a personal computer that is specially designed to play video games which
require utilizing more computing power. The mainstream computer is compared with modern
gaming laptop to include the performance-oriented components like high core-count CPUs and
high-tech video cards. Gaming laptops are associated with your overlap interests of enthusiast
computing. It is designed to achieve the actual gameplay performance, enthusiast PCs
performance, and play games similar to the real application benchmark.
By definition, the enthusiast PCs are referred to as high-end variant and the gaming laptops are
divided into high-end, mid-range, and low-end markets. From the mid-range & low-end
offerings are utilized by the Video card manufactures to earn more revenue from it.
Asus Vivobook K70ZD
Asus Vivobook is one of the best smart and casual gaming laptops that come at affordable
prices. With its pricing, Asus can deliver the best gaming laptop for its users. You won’t be
stressful by using this gaming monster with a lightweight and sleek design. This laptop has Full
HD 1080p resolution of IPS (in-plane system) display to offer stunning visuals with greater
As expected, you can gain an excellent display by using the GTX 1050 GPU. It is appreciated
with its design and keyboard illumination with full beauty to offer great productivity and
exhilarating scenery while in dark. This gaming laptop with excellent features will impress
gamers to play their favorite game even at the toughest conditions.
 2 GB RAM Graphics Card
 2400 MHz Memory Speed
 Full HD (High Definition) Display with 1920 x 1080 resolutions
 256 GB Mechanical Hard Disk Drive
 8 GB RAM Storage
 4 Processors
 Ryzen 5 2500U Processor
 NVIDIA Geforce GPU of GTX 1050
 It is used as a Smart & Casual gaming laptop
 Quad-core AMD Ryzen 5 CPU processor
 Full HD IPS level

 Sleek and Sexy design
 Affordable price
 Poor Battery life
 Poor processor speed and makes a little bit of noise while playing a heavy-duty game
 Wide & nasty touchpad, while writing your palm will get touched
 Slow in speed
Dell G7 Gaming Laptop 2020
Dell G7 is one of the best-recommended gaming laptop 2020 for mid-range performance. This
laptop includes numerous eye turning features such as sleek & elegant design, and dual-fan
cooling system. You can play games with more fun on the Dell G7 gaming laptop. You can get
perfectly enhanced and undiluted audio bits using the Nahimic sound center and the dual
It is one of the best music systems to hear the entire steps to make hardcore gamers to involve
more in the game. This laptop is designed for gaming with entire spectacular features. Dell
Company has planned to avoid the entire rear-side ports on its laptop from any form of
interruptions or distractions. It never failed under the system’s efficiency.
 6 GB RAM Graphics Card
 2667 MHz Memory Speed
 Full HD (High Definition) Display with 1920 x 1080 resolutions
 1 TB Solid State Hard Disk Drive
 16 GB RAM Storage
 6 Processors
 Intel i7-9750H Core Processor
 NVIDIA Geforce GPU of GTX 1660 Ti6G
 Anti-dust & Cooling system
 Decent VR performance
 Budget-friendly gaming laptop
 Superb RGB keyboard with lights
 Better FPS rate offered by the graphics processor
 17.3-inch widescreen with HD display

 The Laptop rear-side becomes hot with regular use
 High-performance with noise
 Replacing components are expensive

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