Best file transfer apps for Android

Nowadays, people do not want to waste their time in collecting the pen drive and then copying the data to the laptop and then provide it to someone else. Multiple file sharing applications are available for Android Smartphones. If you are also among those who are looking forward to the best file sharing apps for Android then here some of them are mentioned you can consider any of them. These are:
1. SHAREit
Share is considered to be one of the best applications for the transfer of applications and files. This is one of the best Wi-Fi file transfer application, which will let you transfer photos, videos, applications, and much more. When two devices get connected, files will get displayed for transfer, and one is ready to choose for it. The receiver can choose the file accordingly, and if they do not want any of the files, they can cancel it as well.
The speed you will get to share the files is up to 20Mbps. Also, it offers you the option for CLONEit. This will help the user to copy data from the sender’s device. Installing this application will be able to share the files to the PC by installing the PC side software.
2. Portal:
When you want to transfer individual files, multiple files, and entire folders in a while, then you can consider the portal application. Wi-Fi Direct to share files is used in this application so that there will be no need for the sender and receiver to be on the same Local Network. Also, if you want to transfer files to PC, then also there is no need for you to get available with any PC side software. A web interface is provided, which helps to manage the PC side will be easily settled up by using the QR code.
3. Xender:
Xender is considered to be one of the widely used apps for the process of sharing files over Android phones. It allows the user to send and receive files at an excellent speed and multiple types of content you can share by using this application. By dragging and dropping, you will be able to share files easily. The best part about using to send the application is that it allows you to share files between four devices simultaneously. It also offers cross-platform transferring in between Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Moreover, this application will let you transfer the file to the PC without installing any PC side software. There is a need for you to pay even a single penny for this application, and the interface is also very user-friendly.
4. Zapya:
Zapya is also among one of the best file sharing applications for all Android and having a very high-speed sharing capabilities. Applications of a few cross-platform that will help you to transfer files from Android, iOS, Windows phones, on Windows PC, Mac, etc. There is no need for you to get restricted to a type of file format. You can share every type of file format by this application, and at a time, you can transfer files to four devices simultaneously. It also lets you share the content through QR code scanning if you want you can do it for the same as well. You can even chat, stream videos, and audios with nearby friends without having any internet connection.
These are the application which you can consider when you are looking forward to best file transfer applications for Android.

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