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State of California has given us many websites, YouTube being one of them. We sure must thank Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim for introducing this video sharing platform to our lives. Well, YouTube is not just a channel; it’s like a whole world in itself. Google bought this site in 2006 and now it functions as one of its subsidiaries. Way back in 2005, YouTube was just a video sharing platform; however, it has come a long way in the past 15 years. From entertainment to entrepreneurship and academics to live streaming YouTube has technologically evolved like a wildfire. To your surprise there are so many hidden and unknown features that can be used by everyone giving the best experience one can think of. We bring to you the finest and best features of YouTube in this article.

Who does not like GIFs? Well, I do and am sure you do too. You Tube gives you the opportunity to make your own GIF and believe me it is as simple as pie. All you need to do is to add “gif” in the browser tab before you type and Voila you did it! YouTube will lead you to a page where you can select your favourite video upto 15 seconds and add stickers and texts creating your very own GIF.

360 Degree Videos: Doesn’t that sounds amazing? Not many people know of this cool feature that YouTube has to offer. Simply browse for 360 Degree Videos on YouTube get into the world of virtual reality by simply clicking and dragging along the video. Today’s market is all about virtual reality and 360 Degree videos is a smart move.

YouTube Music: for music on the go……. This cool feature of YouTube is a must for all music lovers. Well, Wi-Fi plays quite an important role here because with the help of “smart downloads” you can download up to 500 songs overnight for offline listening. Now that sounds like a plan. To add to that you can control the number of downloaded songs over your Wi-Fi connection.

Specific Playback Point: Spare your mates from viewing a whole video with this fantastic feature. It often happens that we are amused by a specific portion of a video and want to share it with our buddies. YouTube has come up with a feature where specific playback points can be shared with your pals. Take an account of the minute and second of the video you would like to share, number of minutes followed by “m” and seconds by “s” and should start with “#t=”. For example, your URL should end looking like “#t=15m25s”. You must try this cool feature giving your pals the funniest portions to view.

Live Streaming: We have heard of Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming feature but YouTube has this fantastic feature since 2013. This is mainly for the entrepreneurs, academicians, lifestyle gurus with 1,000 subscribers of their channel. It is a great opportunity to give live sessions gaining popularity amongst the subscribers and viewers boosting up one’s business.

That is not all, YouTube has many more cool features like Karaoke, watching videos offline, customising the adds you see, promoting your brand with YouTube Cards, the list is endless. YouTube has been all time favourite and our first choice when it comes to watching Videos.

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