Best Cricket games to download for Android

Cricket is considered to be India’s second religion game for numerous good reasons. It is very hard to identify a person across the globe who had never played this sport from his or her childhood and don’t passively or actively followed this sport to date. However, many of us do not have an option for continuing to play the Cricket game while we grow up.
It doesn’t mean that they give up playing the sport forever. In fact, you can find numerous good cricket games available across the online platform for cricket lovers. Similar to real life, you can enjoy playing cricket games on your Android mobile games when you spare your time.
Best Cricket Games for Android
Find below a few lists of best cricket games that you can download and play on your Android mobile phone:
World Cricket Championship 2
World Cricket Championship 2 (WWC 2) is one of the beautifully designed and most popular games that are available across the online platform to download. This game offers numerous features such as paddle sweep, upper-cut, Helicopter shot that are less traditional, versatile shot selection, and many more. It also has 14 different forms of bowling actions with control over the bowling deliveries and makes bowling is more enjoyable when compared to batting.
One of the best-advanced features of this game will utilize similar to modern cricket with review system works on hot-spot, hawk-eye, ultra-edge, and more. You can find 32 different stadiums, 10 domestic teams, and 24 national teams available for selection in the WCC 2 game. Everyone will enjoy playing this game on their Android mobile phone. However, they need to utilize a good phone to work with huge graphics & resources to play this cricket game.
Big Bash Cricket
The Big Bash Cricket (BBC) cricket gaming app is reflexive of KFC BBL (Big Bash League) game which is a domestic T-20 match played during summers in Australia. This cricket game will offer the real game to play from choosing your team (total of 8 available teams), select the players with their authentic name, and also provides the ground experience with 360-degree.
The Big Bash Cricket (BBC) app will differentiate from other available gaming apps and allow anyone to play their possible unique shot in Cricket. This game comes with three different modes to choose such as Challenge, Tournament, and Quick Match.

Stick Cricket
Stick Cricket is another best and most popular cricket games to play fun and easy cricket games. This is also one of the most popular games on the Google Play Store and the best T-20 version to download by numerous users across the world. When compared to the earlier version, this new Cricket gaming app was improved with gameplay, graphics, and new title. With easy controls, you can enjoy this fast-paced game with fun. You can play this game for passing time or relief from stress.
ICC Pro Cricket
ICC Pro Cricket is another best game across the online platform and downloaded by numerous million users. This count itself will prove the popularity and standard of this game. ICC Pro Cricket will offer the card management and realistic simulation. This game offers multiple playing modes such as Quick Match Mode, World Tour Mode, and World Cup Tournament. You can experience the real game of cricketing with the help of motion-captured animation.

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