Best antivirus for PC

Installing antivirus on PC is important from the purpose of keeping your laptop protected and safe. The cyber crime during these days has become much normal thing but a challenge to people. So protecting your device has become one of important thing. When it comes about antivirus some of names are there to common in our minds such as Mcfee, AVG, Norton etc.
Eveytime it is not possible for everyone to buy antivirus that is why some antivirus has been created for free. You can go for your comfortable option either for premium or free.

Here is the list of best antivirus for PC –
Norton Antivirus Plus
It is one of best antivirus option that keeps your PC save and secure that too automatically. This has been introduced in the month of April 2019. Norton has several of features which make it more cool and demanding such as URL blocker. But there is one thing which you must know the price of this antivirus differs with country.
ESET NOD32 Antivirus
This antivirus is making comfortable with features such as device access control; highly configurable (is it not great?). But this antivirus is making it clear that this is surely not for beginners, plus it is expensive. It aims more at the fundamentals and protects from malware. There is a device which controls the expectation of infection from the other devices just by controlling access to the USB sticks, whether external hard devices or the optical storage media.
F-secure antivirus Safe
As the name has already given it safe so it surely keeps your device protected and safe. The very best quality about this antivirus is its nature of user friendly. F-secure are also good in value and prone to the false positives.
Bitdefender antivirus plus
It is of course one of trusted antivirus which is a wonderful malicious URL blocking. Ransome security is one another quality of this antivirus. Bitdefender is one of password manager and hardened browser.

Trend Micro Antivirus + security
Any software which makes your way simple and easy is sort of software people like. Trend micro antivirus has this multi layered ransome security. This will protect a firewall booster, protection for online banking etc.
Cylance smart antivirus
It must be a tough job to protect your PC but this was the case a decade ago. But now if you say so then you still do not know about Cylance smart antivirus. This gives an easy installation without any configuration and even scores in our tests.
Final words
Above are some names which is best antivirus with its own feature. And somewhere or the other they all offer some solution for your problem and set you free with worries. Besides these ant viruses there are more who can do wonder to you. Most of them are giving good protection and many more. You can pick up any one among them to give security to your PC and enjoy your time freely without worrying any attacks.

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