Best alternative games of PUBG

Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is one of the best and most popular survival games across the online platform that requires surviving without being killed in the battleground. The last player will be the winner to survive and achieve the game rewards. It is a pretty addictive gameplay and includes high-quality game visuals.
The Player Unknown’s BattleGround (PUBG) is available for download on both Apple App Store and as well as Google Play Store. If you are a PUBG game lover and prefer to play other royale battle games then you can find below a list of PUBG-based games on your mobile phone.
List of Best PUBG Alternative Games
Rules of Survival
Rules of Survival game are other best alternatives to PUBG game. This game was released before the launch of the PUBG Mobile game. As per the game rules, the player will be dropped from the airplane, he needs to find numerous stuffs and kill the enemies (people) during the gameplay. This game can be played by 120 players by using additional matches, vehicles, and weapons.
However, this game is a little bit not properly composed when compared with the other royale battle games. Similar to other games, it also includes some lag and stability issues. For a few users, it could be more fun and better than others. Rules of Survival are a free game and can be downloaded without any charge.
Vast Survival
Vast Survival is also one of the best multiplayer survival and open-world games for mobile phones. The players will enter the expansive 3D world and need to tolerate for survival and hardships. You need to perform numerous tasks or activities such as hunting, voice chat, building, crafting, and many more. Vast Survival game will allow you to play against another 26 other players to take for survival and fight battles in the open-world.
Pixel’s Unknown BattleGround
Pixel’s Unknown BattleGround game is also referred to as a PUBG clone game. This game makes use of the pixel style graphics however; the controls & mechanics that are available in the game are similar to other royale battle shooter games. The players need to find various available stuffs, defeat the other players by killing them, and need to survive for a long time.
This game will feature lower graphics settings, auto-shooting, in-game chatting, and many more to utilize on lower-end mobile phones. However, during the testing phase, it is noticeable that the game includes some stability & lag issues. Still, the Pixel’s Unknown BattleGround is one of the best PUBG alternatives to download through Google Play Store.
Radiation Island
Radiation Island game can be played as both royale battle and a regular game. The players will not able to unlock or choose the multiplayer game mode before completing or achieving the championship of single-player game mode. After unlocking the multiplayer game mode, the player will be dropped and need to start the game from a deserted island. The player has to craft and also gather the available supplies.
Creative Destruction
Creative Destruction game is similar to PUBG & Fortnite games. This is one of the 100-person match’s games that contain a bigger map along with numerous landscapes. The players need to craft across the game and also destroy the available stuff. This is a really fun game and executes terribly on lower-end & midrange mobile phones. It also includes some occasional bugs. However, during the testing phase, it was a quite a good experience to play this game.

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