Alternative Streaming Sites of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video along with its affordable subscription model will offer numerous things for the Indian folks with content-hungry. Earlier days, most of them will prefer to utilize the glitch websites or flock the torrent sites. With the help of its huge library, you can watch or stream documentaries, TV shows, and movies in major genres and languages. This could be the streaming giant for everyone.
Amazon Prime will allow users to download their preferred movies or TV shows or episodes for offline use. It is also possible to get the movies at an affordable price when compared to other streaming websites. However, you can numerous streaming websites available across the online platform to stream TV shows or movies. A few of them are listed below:
Stremio is one of the different websites that is available in this list. It is basically named as a media hub that allows streaming or watching Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Netflix, etc with the help of its clean user interface.
Eros Now
Eros Now is another oldest video-streaming website in India. You can browse and locate Eros International contents within the site. The catalog includes the original shows, music videos, and numerous songs as well. In case, if you prefer to watch or stream the movies then it is mandatory to register for an account. Some of the features will available if you opt for the paid subscription.
Sony Liv
Sony Liv is one of the video-streaming services that showcase the entire channels that can be executed by Sony Pictures Networks India. It includes a variety of International content, Indian, and as well as Sports content. You can gain access to English & Hindi video content without any service advertisements by signing up for the premium subscription.
This streaming service is executed by the Mobile Carrier Jio and it is available only for Jio Users free of cost. This website will also include numerous International content. The streaming video content quality is optimized based on its network speed.
Hotstar is another best streaming website to showcase the varieties of Indian soaps and available live matches. It also includes numerous international contents as well. Hotstar owned by Star India will allow the users to stream the latest contents from Showtime, ABC, HBO, etc after it was launched in the U.S. Hotstar website also has numerous Indian users with paid subscriptions. Users need to register for an account to stream or watch the premium video content.
Netflix is another best alternative streaming sites for Amazon Prime across the world of video streaming. This site will also include a wide range of classic, vintage, most popular TV shows and movies that were launched recently and as well as ages ago. Even Netflix originals are also hosted on this website. It is quite accurate to utilize the Netflix cross-device experience.
In case of emergency, it is possible to pause the content in one device and able to resume the same on another device without any hassle. It also offers numerous subscription plans for users in terms of screen numbers & video streaming quality. It offers an option for Chromecast casting and as well as offline content.

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