Affordable 3D Glasses for Smart TVs

You can get two pairs of 3D glasses while you are purchasing the 3D TV sets. The problem may occur if anyone of the pair breaks or if you require more 3D glasses for utilization. For example, if you have 4 members in your family then it may require additional 3D glasses and it is not provided while purchasing the TV set. Moreover, if you had planned to watch a favorite movie with your relatives or friends. To overcome those situations for watching the 3D movies with numerous people then you can refer to the below-provided lists of affordable 3D glasses that are available across the online marketplace.
3DHeaven HD Ultra-Clear Rechargeable
3DHeaven HD Ultra-Clear Rechargeable 3D glasses are specially designed to function with entire DLP Link Smart TVs. Users are allowed to enjoy high-quality cinematic experience with Smart TVs like ViewSonic, Sharp, Sony, Samsung, or even other leading brands across the marketplace.
Batter life above-average.
Durable & Thick frame.
It includes the automatic power-off feature.
Elephas HD Ultra-Clear Rechargeable
The Elephas HD Ultra-Clear Rechargeable 3D glass comes with minimalist and sleek design. It works fine with recent and entire DLP Link projectors. It can be used as an additional or backup pair to enjoy with your already owned hardware. You can view the battery status with the help of its LED indicator.
Simple operation using the one-button feature.
Viewing angle with 178-degree of Ultra-wide.
Battery life with 30-hour support.
Sintron ST07-BT
Sintron ST07-BT 3D glass is compatible with numerous Smart TVs like Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and also projectors like Epson, etc. It is also suitable for multiple systems using either RF or Bluetooth technology. It is one of the most comfortable options and appears like a bit boxy.
Not very expensive.
A full charge can last for about 60 hours.
It comes with a pair of two.
Goswot 144Hz
If you are looking to opt for an outfit for the entire group or inexpensive backup then it is advisable to choose the affordable Goswot 144Hz 3D glasses. It works with numerous projectors that support the DLP Link protocol. This model can’t offer the largest field of view and not even too bulky.
Too much bigger for children.
Relatively lightweight.
Much easier to configure.
X105 & XP
In case if you have a new set of IR transmitters or older versions of IR-based display then the XP105 & XP 3D glasses are the ideal choice to choose. It is a lightweight product and offers more comfortable to watch a long movie. They can also be utilized with your prescription lenses as well.
A little bit expensive.
No ghosting or flickering.
Wide field of view.
Samsung 5150GB
Samsung 5150GB 3D glasses come with clarity and comfort that can be paired with any high-end display Smart TVs. Even though it is expensive, this model can offer excellent picture quality from any TV model.
Not suitable for DLP Link systems.
Pairing process using a simple one-button.
Replaceable batteries.
Sony TDG-BT500A
Sony TDG-BTG00A 3D glass will be very much expensive when compared to the other 3D glasses. It is compatible and supported only for Sony LED 55-inch HD (High Definition) TV set. They can deliver extremely best and amazing images than ever.
Not compatible or supported with other Smart TVs.
Flicker-free viewing.
Properly used without eyestrain.
EStar America DLP Link ESG601 3D Glasses
EStar America DLP Link ESG601 3D glasses are one of the best and excellent models that are compatible and supported to work with any Smart TVs. It comes with an in-built battery that can be recharged with the help of a USB cable. The full charge can work for a long-lasting time for about 60 hours. With the absence of tinting, you can gain the crystal clear image by using this product. It is comfortable to wear with this lightweight design for longer hours and prevent eye fatigue with the help of its lens.

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